Some of you may have a neighbor,  or a house on the block that you just know something is up with it. You don’t have any evidence, but something out of that house seemed odd. That’s exactly what Charles Ramsey was thinking about the house next to him but never gave it a second thought until one day he heard screaming from the house next door.

He got to the door to find a girl asking her in her innocent voice, asking her to help her get out of the house, and he did.  What’s even more crazy is she says there was 2 more girls in the house!

“Me and Anthony talked about this last year, he told me I was paranoid,  cause I told him, somethings wrong with that house, he said leave it alone.. and you see what happend?”

Charles Ramsey Neighborhood Hero

So From Team Take Massive Action We Salute you Charles Ramsey.

Who is Team Take Massive Action?

We are a team that helps people like you make money online by blogging on a site just like this. You may not know this, but if someone signs up with that link on the right, and listens to the geniuses David Wood and David Sharpe teach them about marketing and online advertising, that I get paid $25. If they sign someone up, I also get their second sale. This is something that is called the Empower Network, and has over 120,000 paying members and has paid out to it’s affiliates over 21 MILLION dollars in the past year and a half.

If you want more information about it. Click Here. We give you the recourses and the knowledge you need to BUILD Traffic to your blog, and get leads that you can turn them into SALES. These sales are recurring. This same system has allowed our sponsor to get up to $50k/month. Now of course this is extra ordinary amount. We can’t promise anything, and why we show our Income Disclaimer for the public to see. but this shows you that anything is possible.

There is a discount link below if you are interested. Click the Register Link to try it out for $25/month. If you get 3 people to sign up that will cover your costs with Aweber etc, and everything else is profit! We have resources to show you where to get free, and not so expensive targeted traffic. Only way to get in with us is to take 15 minutes and watch this video below. Once you register, we will contact you directly, and help you get on your way.

Top 10 Ways to Build an Email List


businessman push buttons and source code

You need to build up your list of subscribers because subscribers lead to customers, and customers lead to income.  Knowing how to achieve this is the key, so having the tactics to make it all come together is what we’ll be going over today.  This is our top 10 ways to build an email list, and it’s working from the beginning to the end of the sales funnel process.

01) Facebook

This should be a no-brainer, but some people really don’t know how to leverage their Facebook presence in order to start attracting visitors to their squeeze page.  This is the most visited social media website on the planet, so finding somebody who’s interested in what you’re offering shouldn’t be too difficult, and is a great place to begin marketing to build an email list.

Social Media Email Marketing 300x225 Top 10 Ways to Build an Email List

Facebook & Twitter are by far most effective platform to gain subscriber through social media power. Be engaging with them and you’ll slowly build your list!

02) Twitter

Twitter combined with Facebook is a winning combination.  You can search out other Twitter users by searching for specific words they’re commonly saying, befriend that person, and introduce them to your sales funnel.  Follow relevant people and increase your numbers. The more followers you get, the higher your chances are of getting them subscribe to your website’s email list. Don’t let this tactic go unleveraged.

Google Adwords Marketing 300x125 Top 10 Ways to Build an Email List03) Google AdWords

This is the most powerful advertising platform on the Internet, and one of the driving sources of Google’s incredible income.  Remember, Google is the most trafficked website in the world, so having a decent pay-per-click campaign running on a strategic sales funnel (Google is very picky about their landing page criteria, so you need to be careful here) can work wonders for subscriber acquisition.  Just follow the GoogleAdwords terms and conditions, don’t screw up, and you have huge potential here.

04) Banner Ads

This is a method that requires more finesse than the others, as you’re now entering a world of more visual advertisement than textual.  Don’t shy away though; there’s a reason banner ads makes our top 10 ways to build an email list.  If you can get banner ad placement on a website with eager fans and hungry followers, and that website is related to what your email list is all about – and incidentally what you’ll be offering – then you can get loads of highly qualified subscribers for pennies on the dollar.  It takes some work, but definitely worth the effort when done correctly.  If you’re interested, BuySellAds is a reputable banner advertising agency to look into.

05) Incentives

We’ve been talking about reaching out to visitors thus far, but the next step in a sales funnel is the actual subscribing.  Now, when you ask somebody to subscribe to your email list do you think they’re just going to do it because you want them to?  No; people don’t care about what you want, they care about what you have to offer them.  So now it’s time to incentivize them in order to get them to subscribe.

freebies for marketing 270x300 Top 10 Ways to Build an Email List

If you’re trying to get somebody to join your list about losing belly fat, then you should first offer them something like a small ebook with a catchy subject line like, “How to Shed 10 Pounds if Belly Fat in Only 14 Days”.  Offer it in exchange for their contact information and then you’ll start getting subscribers.  Note: You’d better deliver on what you promise your prospect, because if you don’t, your new subscriber will see you as completely useless and untrustworthy.

06) Giveaways

People love getting stuff for free, and that includes your subscribers.  If you send them a cool gift that’s actually valuable then they’ll develop more trust and appreciation for you.  This all contributes to building a subscriber into a customer, and so you want to provide quality content with powerful giveaways to earn good will.

07) Make Sign-Up Simple

Do you like jumping through hoops before getting what you want?  Neither does anybody else.  Don’t ask for too much content on your squeeze page, because the more work a person has to do for something, the less likely they are to do it.  So even if you’ve got a powerful incentive, you could be scaring away a portion of your prospects by asking too much from them.  Chances are all you’ll need is an email address and maybe a name.

08) Quality Content

web content marketing 300x287 Top 10 Ways to Build an Email ListAt this point your new subscriber should be placed on an autoresponder track.  Make sure the content going out to them with each automated message is relevant, powerful, and valuable.  If you under-deliver then your subscriber is going to quickly lose interest in you and unsubscribe.  You don’t want that to happen, so keep them happy. Best way to do that? Make them feel they want to check back on your website for more blog contents!

09) Ask for Feedback

As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to get caught up in seeing subscribers as just that, “subscribers”.  Remember that your subscribers are people, and people have feelings and opinions.  Knowing what they like, what they want, and what they value most will give you a serious advantage in your ability to deliver and thus please your audience.  Send your list questions sometimes, or surveys.  Don’t be shy, this type of knowledge can pay dividends.

10) Only Promote the Best

When it comes time to promote products to your list – also known as “pitching” – only offer products of substantial quality that will give your readers tons of benefit.  If you’re promoting an affiliate product that isn’t that good, but it pays you well, then don’t promote it.  Getting lost by focusing on the short-term will destroy your business, because it shows your readers that you’re willing to betray their trust for money.  Would you work with somebody who did that to you?  Would you want to buy from them again?  Didn’t think so, so remember to only offer products of substantial value to your subscribers.

There you have it, our top 10 ways to build an email list.  Be sure to also check out our top 10 email subjects to start with in order to improve the open rates of the emails you send out to your subscribers.

Mobile Marketing Tools


Here are some mobile marketing tools to help with your marketing efforts for your mobile website or applications.

The mobile platform is quickly becoming one of the most popular and powerful marketing tools in existence. 
Mobile and Tablets are quickly becoming the most powerful tools available to your business. If you don’t have a mobile website then you will be pretty much lost in the dust and can easily lose potential customers. Once you get your mobile website up and running, you will need a little but of mobile marketing to keep your users engaged. Take a look at mobile marketing tips to get some tips on how you can get your users engaged. This article is going to list some powerful marketing tools for your small business. You may know about these tools but not sure how to use them to your mobile marketing advantage.

5 Mobile Marketing Tools

1. Google new marketing tools – Just yesterday Google announced that it will be making it easier for marketer to promote applications via mobile marketing with a brand new set of tools. These tools include new bidding tools and ad formats formatted better for mobile websites. In the same announcement, they have also released a new Youtube app for iPhone and iPod touch devices (sorry android not yet).

 Here’s an example of what a new ad can look like.
“Our goal is to help advertisers with apps drive valuable installs at scale and promote their apps in a way that makes them stand out from the crowd,” said Chrix Finne, product manager of mobile ads at Google, Mountain View, CA.
Some other new advances that Google has announced for mobile is that they have enhanced the conversion optimizer. This was previously only available to search and display but now will include mobile app campaigns. Marketers can now set a cost per acquisition goal vs a cpc bid. It then uses that conversion data to place bits that hit the cost per acquisition. Google also has updated its text ad formats for iOS and Android devices to include more information about the app that is being advertised.

The goal is to drive more downloads for the advertised app or more visits to the mobile website being advertised. Text will now scroll across the bottom of the ad with information, including app reviews,ratings and information on the app or mobile website. This is a big step. More advertising platforms will be adding tools to help mobile marketing. Just like any new technology it is better to get on something like this right when it starts before it becomes over saturated.

2. Using Twitter to promote your mobile application or website – Did you know 50% of Twitter users use Twitter Mobile? This is a huge outlet to promote your mobile website or application. Some ways you can utilize your followers is keep them engaged in your conversations, and get retweets of your tweets. A great tool to keep your feed updated with fresh content is For those starting to utilize the promoted tweets platform, yesterday Twitter announced enhancements to it’s geo-targeting for those marketing customers. These enhancements will be a tremendous help for those using the targeted tweets product by allowing your message to be sent to the right demographic. Sending it to the right demographic will be a huge time saver but most of all a big money saver for those ad customers.

Facebook promoted Posts and brand new 2 step mobile payment – Facebook has announced promoted posts. What does this mean for your mobile marketing? Right now 1/3 of Facebook users access Facebook through their mobile.
This is a pretty big number seeing how many users use Facebook per day. Utilizing this along with demographic options will help you get your mobile site out there. Another exciting feature coming from silicone vally is that Facebook has announced a new two step mobile payments for developers. This new feature will only require users to open the payment dialog to confirm the payment for any services or digital goods, kind of like the way they authorize second party apps. This is a big deal for anyone in the Facebook mobile marketing business. See the picture below for an example of how this will work. It makes it extremely easy for developers of Facebook mobile apps to allow in app purchases and purchasing of their mobile application. Just yesterday Facebook announced that it plans on making more money with it’s mobile application then it does its desktop website.


Infographs – Do a search for mobile infographs. Depending on your audience, these can be very powerful in your marketing efforts. For example, did you know that Men are bigger mobile shoppers then women? Here’s some statistics from this vary valuable infograph.
 Men Bigger Mobile Shoppers then Women.
27% of males purchase consumer electronics on mobile vs. 8% of females
23% of males purchase movie and event tickets on mobile vs. 11% of females
30% of males purchase digital content on mobile vs. 20% of females
13% of males purchase food and drinks on mobile vs. 8% of females
8% of males purchase office supplies on mobile vs. 4% of females
8% of females purchase cosmetics on mobile vs. 2% of males
Also in this infograph it states that male users scanned a barcode 91% of the time vs women, 85% of the time. If my business caters more to guys I would be more prone to add a barcode to the mobile website, or at least feature it on the pages that are targeting males. Another thing that it’s telling us is 44% of females use a mobile coupon vs 35% of males. Either way, knowing your mobile audience is a big deal and this is one of the ways to analyze how your audience is using mobile and how this can increase your sales and revenue.

5. Kaywa QR Code – – QR stands for Quick Response. Users can scan these with their mobile phones and quickly access an offer or achievement, phone number or SMS. QR Codes are an exiting and innovative way to pull traffic to your mobile website or mobile application. Having a mobile site that offers real value should be your first priority before incorporating this into your mobile site. The reason for this is because more and more internet marketing agencies are using these codes just to do it. This is not the way that this should be used. You should be using these to deliver an offer or something of value to the user and not just a link to your mobile. Give some kind of promotion or advantage to using the code that can’t be accessed by just going to your mobile site. Be sure what you want to achieve from your QR code campaign.

These are just some mobile marketing tools to use for your business.

There are plenty more out their, do your searches but don’t get lost in all the information you find out there. It is better to pick one platform, do your testing, master that platform and then move on to the next one if you want. Do you have any mobile marketing tools that you can share?


best network marketers chris recordIf you guys don’t know who Chris Record is then you most likely haven’t heard of The Empower Network yet. That’s fine, you have some catching up to do.  Chris Record is one of the best network marketers, and I’m not just talking about internet marketing, I’m talking about all around network marketing.  To sum it up, Chris Record made about $90,000 in the past 6 months which is enough to buy a house, and is on track to make a half a million next year. If you haven’t heard of Empower Network

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What Makes Chris Record One Of The Best Network Marketers?

So what makes Chris Record one of the best network marketers? Other then the fact that he has been in empower for about 12 months and has already generated over $90,000 he also racks up empower leads like very few in the program and shares his secrets with his team members. That’s pretty huge.

Chris Record is the founder of Team Take Massive Action. A team in this manner means is a group of people sharing their techniques that they are able to generate massive income with so we can all make money blogging. Chris was generous enough to build this amazing team of x-men mutant type internet marketers and put them all together with the beginners to help them with exclusive tools, videos and ways to generate sales & leads to any program all basically free as long as you’re in Empower.

What Are The Benefits of Joining a Team?

Empower comes with landing pages already and auto responders but something as big and powerful as the empower network, having other members in the same network sharing ideas and knowledge, it makes it that much easier for you to get started blogging and dominating the scene. You can see in the video below that he is not playing games.

Team Take Massive Action from Kyle T. Garrett on Vimeo.

That’s why Chris came up with this team called Team Massive Action. The name says it all. Sometimes you just need to go all in and take massive action in life financially and physically to get what needs done. In other words just go for it. If you are thinking, okay what if I blog how am I going to get people to my blog? Well take massive action, POST IT! Empower Network already has you covered on teaching you how to get the traffic. In the 15k Formula they go over ALL of that and it’s over 12 hours long. Some crazy ways of getting traffic where 90% chance if you’re reading this article that you came from one of those techniques. An example is the Facebook 2.0, which utilizes Facebook Open graph search to find people interested in your business no matter what business it is. You’ll DEFINITELY want to get in on that.

Here’s THAT Link

If you already in Empower Network, Chris is one of the guys holding the $90,000 checks at the events. If you’ve made $100,000 that month then guess what, he’s going to interview you because he’s also walking around with a microphone and some other big guys in Team Massive Action. These events are insane! The last one they had everyone wore masks from the Movie V From Vendeda while networking and meeting up with everyone. So picture about 1,000 people in the audience chanting.

When Dave Wood walked out on that stage and saw everyone chanting his name because he helped them make enough money to feed their kids, bring their kids out on sick crazy vacations in the Bahamas, just living the life that everyone is dreaming for. That’s Empower, that’s why we were all there chanting with each other, all helping each other get more money blogging, make money promoting something that has helped them become a better marketer, a better affiliate to have confidence, to take massive action and with all of us coming together to help build something that has never been seen before ever.

Team Take Massive Action

Back to Take Massive Action. Last month another big time guy, and team member Hurricane Arthur hosted the FaceBook 2.0 method which uses the new Facebook open graph search to find leads for any business or product.

If you’re promoting yourself, blog you’ll want to check this video out – HERE.

Every team needs a leader. They have it in baseball, basketball and football. The team captain the one to look up to, to do as they do to get the results to one day do what needs to be done to survive and live the you want to live and the life you deserve.

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You see it all the time. People raving how they make money blogging. But how do they do it? Before we answer that, lets answer the first question and that is, is it even possible? Well, ask Shoemoney, John Chow, and Pro-blogger and their answer will be a quick YES! Well guess what, it’s easy for those guys they already have hundreds of thousands of people as followers and on their email list, so of course it’s easy for guys like that to do it, but how does one start from scratch?  Lets take a look at some options we have first to get started and then we can answer that question.

Platforms to Blog On

So you want to blog, but you don’t know much about the tech part. Well thankfully now a days there’s plenty of different platforms to blog on.

  1. You can host your own blog on your own server and install wordpress on that.
  2. Blog on an already hosted server that allows you to blog on like or wordpress.
  3. A self hosted solution that already has the tools installed and already designed to make money where all you have to do is blog on the platform – GO HERE for more info. Look on the left after you click the link for the information on what you get.

Those are your options. The first two would be for the intermediate to advanced. The first two options are for if you have a specific business or blogging model in mind. It will take time and skills to drive traffic that way, but it can happen with a lot of patience and dedication. It will take time to build traffic, and your following no matter what model you choose, but the platform you choose and the way you decide to make money with the blog will determine how much money is possible to pull in. For the third option, you would sign up for an already hosted solution, that has all the plugins already installed for you, and the blog and theme is already set up to make money. Your job would be to provide content that gets searched for in Google, and blog about it. While you drive traffic to your site by blogging about anything, a visitor will click on the already monetized link and hopefully sign up in return giving you your profits!

Is it possible to make money blogging without writing only about making money blogging?

The millionaire bloggers will tell you that it’s simple to make money online, just talk about what you know best and deliver compelling content. While this is true, this won’t necessarily make you the amount of money you’re looking for. Sure, if you get 100-200 people coming to your site daily while you keep blogging about cats and kittens, but how can you monetize that traffic? That is the hard part when dealing with options 1 and 2. Why is this? Well, you have to have something to sell them, or some sort of advertising model in place to make that money. While cats and kittens may be fun to read and write about, it is not an easy way to turn that into a lot of money without a very good following, or high traffic numbers.  If you are able to get that following up, you could of course either throw some Google Adsense on it. Maybe by 2020 you’ll get $100.00. Adsense is not as lucrative as it was in the past, and not as easy to make a quick buck as you think. Your other options are affiliate commissions. Check Clickbank for some offers like, ‘how to groom your cat’, or ‘the best cat tricks’  (don’t take that literally) but you get the point.

For option three, I’ll be talking mainly about the most popular already done for you blogging system. With this option you can start blogging 5 minutes from now.  Blogging was never easier then this in the past.  With this option, not only does it include the platform to blog on and is already monetized for you with a product that you receive 100% commissions on, but it also comes with some quick start training videos to get you started an on your way. Now, in order to get the very useful videos you’ll have to pay a little more then the basic membership, but it’s well worth it. If you did that, you would also get videos that actually teach you how to get traffic and how to get conversions out of that traffic, time management ideas and more importantly even more ways to make more money out of your blogging efforts.  This system is normally $50/month but if you use the link on our site it’s $25 to get you started  and blogging immediately.

How to Make Money Blogging with Option 3

First thing you’ll need to do is apply below for your spot. This will get you your blogging system, landing pages, 8 fast start videos, web hosting, themes and plugins. It’s all there. Once you get that, sign into your dashboard. See below for a screenshot, this is where you get started.

make money blogging
Clicking that button will bring you into your WordPress dashboard, and you’ll be on your way. Like I said, this is the fastest and easiest way to blog for money, since it’s a blog already set up for you to make money.  I could go into what to blog about, and the 3 things you need to do but that’s what the  8 principle videos will teach you.

Bonus Tip:  When you sign in you’ll also get high converting landing pages that capture email leads. You will want to link to these capture pages in your blog posts. This will help you started on building up your own email list.  Everyone knows this itself will be an asset to you in the future because you can then email your list with offers that will also convert into money.

GO HERE to register and get started.

Any Questions? Contact us on our contact form on our blog or leave comments. We’ll be happy to help anyone looking to make money blogging but don’t want to spend all day figuring out what to blog about, and how to monetize your traffic.

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